New CocoChat app

We are in the process of finalising a new member of the Coco app family called CocoChat.

CocoChat provides video and audio conversations (and later text chat) from any internet browser to any other internet browser regardless of device. Our initial focus for testing is chrome on windows laptops and android phones.

Based on open standards (see for fast support of every device it will initially be web only and then in-app web.

Ideal applications will be patient to doctor/clinic/nurse, family to family, friend to friend and colleague to colleague in or across departments in corporate organisations and government organisations.

initial markets will be India and Myanmar and possibly others.

If you have ideas or requirements please contact us or enter them in the comments below.

Features we are looking at include –

  • video
  • multi person video
  • audio / audio only
  • text
  • text search
  • profile photo
  • audio indicator when speaking
  • mute on/off/temporary with space bar
  • camera on/off
  • confidential mode (no recording)
  • recording and local saving
  • paid version for calls over 20 minutes
  • paid version for recording
  • integration into major identity systems
    (apple, amazon, google, facebook, cococard, avatar)


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