Our Vision & Principles

Our Vision At Coco

Today the world population is approaching 8 Billion people. Only around 25% have medical records. Coco will help the next 6 Billion.

Our Guiding Principles At Coco

  1. Free health records available for all citizens of developing nations. 
  2. Multi country, multi clinic, multi language, multi person (family/friends), multi device.
  3. All experiences in one app (even if you need to photograph paper), delivered as a family of apps that seamless interoperate.
  4. Free for 95%+ of clinics and groups of clinics or departments in hospitals.
    Top 1-5% will be charged for some advanced features. Eg. elective surgery, cosmetic surgery, expats, luxury/private.
  5. Simple to use.
  6. Use volunteers but only the best who can work in a team.
  7. Iterate, experiment and stay agile.


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