Billing Cycles

Bills Are Not Boring

Normally anything to do with accounting and payments can be a pretty boring part of life.

But when it comes to important record keeping for your personal, community or work life billing becomes important.

What is the big picture?

For example legal record keeping obligations on you or your business are often a minimum of seven years in many locations around the world. in some places it is a minimum of seven or even ten years since the last transaction with a particular counter-party.

More importantly for some industry purposes (like health diagnosis for example) having long term non-financial records is sometimes crucial.

Multi-year pre-payment can be a benefit to everyone

We take billing cycles seriously and allow you to chose the usual easy ones like one month or year but we also allow much longer time frames like 5 or 10 years.

There are a few reasons we do this.

  • Firstly – we appreciate your pre-payment, it is entirely optional but it allows us to invest earlier in product development benefit more of you in more ways with more features earlier.
  • Secondly – long term subscriptions allow us to give you discounts in exchange for giving us long term continuous support.
  • Thirdly – long term commitments help you by reducing administration and reducing uncertainty.
  • Finally – allowing long term pre-payment fits in with many seasonal or irregular businesses such as long term crops for farmers or multi year donations for charities or ‘for purpose’ of multi-year grants

We still remind you annually

Don’t worry about missing a payment, we will still remind you each year just like any other subscription service, but we also tell you upfront when you don’t have to extend you subscription until it actually expires.

You can also switch back to annual or monthly at any time.

So rest easy and let us get on with building better products faster.

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