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Team News: Announcing 30 New Advisors and Advocates Globally

We are very pleased to announce our first Global Advisory Board and list of initial professional community Advocates for Coco. This group of individuals are original thinkers, community leaders, experienced professionals, globally aware, caring, hyper-connected and so much more. Many have already delivered global impact with most having major regional and country level impact. We […]

Personal Prototype

With many thanks to our volunteer designer Nat we now have an early rough draft of the Coco Personal app with a focus on the #healthtech and #emr and #pmr user experience for patients. There are 30 screens spanning the login, body mapping, QR sharing, QR checkin, roles in organisations, finding nearby clinics and other […]

Saving The Next Five Billion People

How technology, people, design and great community collaboration can improve the lives of many more than we do today. Preamble A highly considered personal reflection on the need and vision for the coco community collaboration platform by Pete Cooper founder of A Coco Project. Pete’s first home was above his parents pharmacy and later he […]

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