Baseline Features

Standard Benefits

All our plans and services offer some baseline features delivering standard benefits to everyone always.

  1. Fast
    We have chosen some of the very best technology in the world.
  2. Mobile
    Works when you are travelling anywhere.
  3. Cloud
    Your data is backed up to the cloud so even if you lose your phone or other device you won’t lose your information.
  4. Secure & Reliable
    Lots of security, encryption, backup and resilience features.
  5. Free For Life
    Please note: reasonable usage limits o apply, generally you will be asked to pay if and only it you are in the top 5-10% of users by volume eg storage, processing).
  6. Works On All Devices
    Initially this means web browsers on phones, tablets, desktops and soon we aim to provide native apps on lots of devices.
  7. Private
    Easily share or stop sharing. Includes personal profile, history and preference information shared with people and providers of your choice. For example a new wellness service.
  8. Anonymous
    We do anonymous research to help you learn. For example benchmark yourself and your communities.

Coming Soon

  1. Multi Language
    Initially this will be a short list focused on our early markets, soon it will be expanded to cover most languages. You can help by contributing feedback on your language/s.
  2. Smart
    We use lots of smart machine learning and artificial intelligence so you can save time and get smart suggestions at the right place and time.

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