Business Features

Benefits for Organisations and Groups of All Sizes Everywhere

Key features and benefits for groups, communities, small businesses, medium businesses, collectives, large enterprises, NGOs and government.

Our focus industries are health (with additional access controls required) such as community clinics and hospitals and also mainstream retail product and service stores but many of our features are usefully in many other industries.

  1. Customer/Patient Management
    1. Bookings – virtual and physical, online and in clinic or store
    2. Video and Chat Consultations eg Telemedicine, remote advisory, pre-screening
    3. Waiting Room Management – physical and virtual queue management including walk-ins for individual service provider resources or pooled resources or other assets
    4. Self Checkin via QR
    5. Self Registration Standard Forms
    6. Custom Forms Module
    7. Customer Registration, Profile and Service Preferences
    8. Patient Registration, Profile, Vitals, Conditions, Treatments, Tests, Scans, Results, Prescriptions and Knowledge Base eg Proactive/Preventative Care
    9. Customer Activity History and Standards Based Categorisation
  2. Team and Resource Management
    1. Service Providers Registration, Profile and Service Preferences
    2. Service Provider Activity History
    3. Service Provider Role Definition and Access Control Limits
  3. Product and Service Management
    1. Products and Services Definition
    2. Pricing, Discounting, Referral Fees, Taxes, insurance,
    3. Inventory On hand and On Order
    4. 3D Location Grid, Storage Depots
  4. Financial Management
    1. General Ledger
    2. Accounts Payable
    3. Accounts Receivable
    4. Cashier
    5. Invoicing
  5. Communication
    1. Chat B2B, B2E, E2B, B2C, C2B, B2B2C
    2. 3rd Party Referral, Booking and Followup
    3. Intranet for internal team and partner knowledge and new sharing and links to apps and web apps eg business email
    4. Public Profile Page and website/social links and integration

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