Personal Features

Benefits For Everyone For Life

Benefits for you as an Individual plus your family, friends, groups and communities are delivered by thee features in the personal plans. All features are generally optional so you can pick and choose.

  1. Current Personal Profiles
    General, Health, Allergies, Contact, Family Friends, Preferences, Social, Private, Public, Anonymous and more
  2. Register Once
    No more having to retype your details every time you join a new provider)
  3. Personal Activity
    Future Reminders and History Archive
  4. Personal Providers
    Current Providers and History Archive
  5. Market
    Find ind and access nearby and remote providers in the Service Provider Services and Products Marketplace (including health, wellness, care, entertainment, home, business, general and many more)
  6. Sharing
    Share selectively via links and QR codes (including permanent, casual, time limited, analytics and more)
  7. Unified Business Services
    One login with tailored roles for an easier personal and business life. If you have your own business or employer or a family or community service / product.
  8. Big Baseline
    Plus all the many many baseline features and standard benefits.

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