Support our vision.

Billions of longer, better lives with software connected communities.

Help us help billions of people. Yes, an enormous noble goal. And we know how to deliver!

We are just getting started helping the most isolated and most mobile people on our planet connect with those most able to help improve lives.

Health in the developing world is a very different model to the developed world. It is more community centric especially in rural areas where real care professionals are usually concentrated.

You can read more on our Vision page

Donate with small subscription (from $5 per month) or volunteer your time as an analyst, software engineer, specialist advisor, local advocate, partner or a local representative.

Sponsors get early access for their communities and share our journey and maybe even shape it by helping identify local specific problems we can solve.

We help communities connect & collaborate better in health and retail starting with an online community marketplace and free medical records for travellers and developing countries. Yes free for most, subsidised by those that can pay – just like Robin Hood.

So, next time you need help (like telemedicine) or walk into or talk with a clinic or any retail store, Coco will. be there on your phone and behind the scenes.

We build digital stuff for normal people.

It can sound a bit complicated but really it is just simple useful stuff for everyday for everyone.

Our main focus areas are community enablement services (like online services marketplaces); large scale web software (like clinic management and personal health care apps); open source software builder community; and one day web3+ – all to make better living safer, smoother, faster and better for your community.

We use smart thinking to make life easier and longer for more people.