Accounts for individual people are one of the two main structures in coco.

You can create an account for –

  • anybody
  • a child
  • an adult
  • yourself
  • your family members
  • your friends
  • your colleagues
  • your fellow students
  • a service provider

Generally people are stand alone, they do not require other people to be added to coco but it is a lot more useful if you do.

For example you might nominate a carer or ‘in case or emergency’ contact if you are unwell or have an accident.

You might track your children’s medical records or elderly parents and carefully share them with close family members in case you are not available to help.

You might simply have one for you and your spouse or partner so that you don’t need to repeat or re-type a lot of personal information (like medical history or service preferences) each time you visit a new clinic or store or service provider.

People are often collected together as team members (for example in a workplace) or community/group members in a local or for purpose organisation, sometimes they are small with just a few people and other times they are large like a union or even a hospital or department in a large enterprise. We call these orgs which is short for organisations.

You might also like to read about organisations.

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