Coco Pilot Project

We are currently seeking small clinics, general practitioners, large families and specialists for our early pilot project.

If you would like your practice or your family to be considered for access to a free medical records system for two years please complete this form.

To qualify for the free pilot –

  • All participants must participate in a short 5 to 15 minute interview where we ask you some simple questions about your technology experience and business needs eg type of business (dentist, general practitioner, community clinic, dentist etc) and local conditions that may influence design choices eg internet quality, mobile clinic, large numbers of volunteers, premium customers.
  • Technical skills are not a requirement but you must have email and a phone number we can call plus a device with internet access. In special cases we may be able to provide loan equipment.
  • Pilot Professionals and Businesses will be required to give feedback at least monthly (eg one simple thing you like and one thing you don’t like about the technology) ir ideally weekly. This is via an online form and is in addition to the normal support desk for day to day queries so pilot users can talk directly to the design team members.
  • Pilot Patients, Carers and other Individuals will be asked to give feedback at least once quarterly per family. Ideally monthly of for seriously large communities or complex situations even weekly.
  • At least one person in each clinic location or family location should speak a least one local language and one other (initial preference until mid 2021 will be for English, Thai, Myanmar, French.


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