All roles and job descriptions are currently volunteer and part time. We expect over time (years) loyal supporters we will be able to paid a small retainer and world class performers would be encouraged to join full time in a fully paid role.

Somewhere early in our development we will also have a long term central hub team that enables other teams as a ‘secretariat’ which will co-ordinate key functions and act as a long term custodian of key functions, thee will be a small group of mainly CxO level senior staff.

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Advisors give specialist advice to the board and senior executives about subject matter areas they are considered in the top 1% of experts in the world. 1+ hours per month mainly via chat forum.


Advocates promote coco in rational ways in their professional life, they mention coco when it makes sense to raise awareness, get us access to resources or talent, or perhaps partnerships for solving important real-world problems. Advocates give community centric feedback and proactive focal point for innovation, ideas, feedback and challenge/problem sharing.


Ambassadors are public figures and symbolic, honorary leadership for coco in or for a country, state or city in need of coco. Being an ambassador is a high profile and perceived high status and can be a very high impact role requiring a balance of practical opportunistic early stage market development skills and entrepreneurship and longer term, strategic, patient diplomatic skills with strong networking. This is not a country CEO role, it is a focal point for community and wider roles to facilitate discussion and channel opening.


Designers focus on user experience, customer centric processes, communication tools eg education that are consistent with our brand and objectives. We want to bring a balance of productivity and engagement with some unexpected moments of joy. We want to tread a new path, not be yet another enterprise or government legacy provider imposing work approaches on stakeholders. We are a community collaboration platform that people choose to use.

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