Tech Stack Background

This page is for software developers, technology architects, devops, cyber security and quality specialists who wish to understand our stack.

Our technology stack and tools are evolving rapidly.

We think this is a wonderful time to be building the future of global health centred around technology innovations in community collaboration.

Change is constant and exciting, it brings risks and rewards. We also love open source.

We are very mindful of the dynamic tension between simple and small (00s or 000s of concurrent users per node) vs our mid term aspirations which require and further enable community connectedness and collaboration network effects at scale (Ks or even Ms of concurrent users across the network). Obviously this also means tradeoffs on talent availability and investment too.

Temporal Context

Short term our goal is to produce free and open source medical records for individuals, families, communities and business service providers that is mobile responsive on the web and provides a shared community collaboration platform for retail including community business tools and a third party marketplace, both of which can subsidise the free software and services.

Mid term our goal is to produce a world class SaaS service that eventually and gradually evolves into a fully web3 network of nodes platform serving the world’s most mobile and under served five billion people.

Long term we hope Coco can be pervasive on every device and work online and offline in the most remote and the most dense populations on the planet and perhaps beyond.

Human / Features Context

Our technology stack is a never ending story. It is never ‘done’ but we don want to be smart and avoid endless needless change, risky, expensive and hard to secure or resource technologies and tools.

Our three pillars (which we believe are not being used to their full potential especially for mobile and underserved like developing nations with sub optimal internet connectivity) are –

  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Open Source Software and eventually web3

We aim to ride as many global trends of innovation as we can, rather than try to lead them, unless is is core to our mission and differentiation.

As the global open source software community and cloud technology continues to develop, we aim to constantly be at the forefront of new ‘proven edge’ but not ‘bleeding edge’ of excellence.

We are inspired by the impact of OSS and how it is making the world a better please. Our long term goal is to also contribute most if not all of our work to the public domain too.

We are a ‘for-purpose’ community service endeavour which subsidises free services for most by earning from the few. So our stack will always need to be commercially competitive.

Our vision is to be available everywhere for anyone, this of course means multi-platform.

For now we are not aiming to use blockchain technologies due to the sheer volumes or data and performance expectations in our focus markets but we are monitoring web3 extensively and constantly especially DAO as a potential ecosystem model.

Technologies & Tools

  • OpenAI and Tensor Flow – machine learning
  • Postgres database
  • Possibly AWS Aurora RDS in Postgres mode
  • PostgREST API
  • Kong API Life Cycle Management
  • Possibly AWS API Mgt
  • Dart/Flutter Cross Platform Language and Framework
  • Prototyping and UX/CX
  • Github – repo
  • Python – analytics
  • D3.js – visualisation eg charts
  • Three.js – visualisation eg 3d body
  • javascript
  • Okta – SSO/IAM/CIAM

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