Announcing The Coco Card Project

Cococard the Free Community Health App

The cococard project is a free community health app for user globally starting in developing markets. World Health Organisation rankings of the global health systems are listed below.


Key features of the cococard app include –

  • personal and family health records e.g parents may have access to personal and dependents, incident history, treatment history, care plan, emergency contacts and alerts
  • free for most people, heavy commercial users may be asked to pay pay a small fee
  • mobile first
  • cloud storage and backup
  • multi language
  • simple to use for citizens and professionals
  • careful sharing with family and carers
  • booking appointments with professionals
  • privacy, identity and security controls

Initially we are starting in developing countries because they are in the most need of assistance.

Myanmar is currently ranked 190th out of 190 countries for their health system. There are 55m+ people in the country previously known as Burma.

There are around 3 billion people in the countries around Myanmar. Nearby are Cambodia (174th), Laos (165th), Nepal (150th) and Bhutan (124th).

We are starting this project in Yangon the largest city in Myanmar.


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